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9 different kitchen cabinet options

Apr 27

Cabinets are an integral element of every kitchen. It is the one place where you store everything you need such as pots, pans and other kitchen utensils. It is essential to have the most efficient kitchen cabinets to fit in your home. This guide will guide you to choose the right kitchen cabinets for your home.


The style is functional and simple without style flaws. In spite of its traditional roots, Shaker cabinets' simple and clear lines lend themselves to placement in contemporary or modern kitchen designs.

Shaker kitchen cabinets are well-known for their flat-paneled doors as well as rail frames. Solid construction using high-quality timber is another characteristic. Shaker cabinets are constructed of high-quality local American timbers which are usually located in the northeastern United States. Woods that are durable like cherry, maple, hickory, and quartersawn oak are some examples.

Shaker cabinets are frequently not finished, however they are also stained to highlight the natural wood colors in darker hues. Shaker cabinets with white or gray are very popular in modern kitchens because they give a open and light atmosphere that modern homeowners want. Shaker cabinets are combined with stainless steel appliances and modern hardware to finish the appearance.



Though it incorporates a variety of styles that are common in the Spanish and American Southwest regions, the Mission style heavily impacted the design style of another important element in kitchen cabinetry referred to as the Arts & Crafts movement. Straight lines and door panels without any decorations are the hallmarks of Mission-style designs. Oak, specifically American white oak is the most sought-after material used for kitchen mission cabinets. Cherry is also a gorgeous and more durable option. Mission-style kitchen cabinets are created by professional carpenters. This makes them more durable, durable and lasts longer. The design of a Mission-style kitchen can be expensive due to its emphasis on custom-made cabinetry. It is less likely that a kitchen with a Mission design will be affordable due to the labour and wood expenses. However, the long-lasting aesthetics may make the additional cost worthwhile.

Mission-style cabinets are typically painted rather than being left in their natural state in terms of the color. However, homeowners are able to stain the cabinets to bring out a richer color, the wood is frequently kept in a warm honey tone. The decorative hardware is usually made out of the wrought iron, rubbed bronze, and other metals.


Kitchen cabinets with louvered designs have horizontal wooden slats , and are quite expensive. Louvered cabinets give a distinctive style to kitchen cabinetry with a style that is usually found on windows furniture, and interior doors. Because the majority of louvered doors have openings between each slat and are a great choice for spaces that need ventilation. When you're looking for doors for be placed near radiators or a pantry cabinet or even a cabinet for drying clothes in a laundry room, keep this in mind.

Slab, Flat-Panel, or Flat-Panel

The flat-panel kitchen cabinet doors, frequently referred to "slab" cabinet doors, are simple but stylish. Flat-panel kitchen cabinets are straightforward and feature clean lines. The simple flat-panel cabinet's appearance can be found in contemporary and modern kitchens. Flat-panel cabinets are constructed in a variety of ways. The most enduring feature of this type of design is the lack of frames for the slab doors. They are, in fact made of solid slabs, as the name implies.


Inset-style cabinets, as the name suggests, have an inset door built into the frame of the cabinet instead of outside of the frame, as is the case with traditional cabinet doors. Every door is designed and constructed using highly precise measurements to ensure that the wooden structure is within the frame, and it opens and closes securely. Inset kitchen cabinets and drawers are among the most costly available, however they have a timeless design which will last for a long time. Inset cabinets are easy to customize with beaded or non-beaded inserts, to create unique cabinets. Doors for cabinets are beaded inset construction. This is a great way to enhance the edge design.

This kind of cabinet typically needs hinges that are exposed, rather than concealed hinges. Hidden hinges aren't included in the cost of the cabinet box. It is necessary to purchase two hinges each door in order to accommodate inset cabinets. This could quickly add up to your budget.  Learn more on one of our St. Louis websites: 


Are you looking for the kitchen that has an antique style? Distressed cabinets and drawers may be a fantastic option for those who are. They are available from all manufacturers and can be found in any door style with edges that are rubbed off or other processes of distressing to give them an aged appearance. A professional who performs distressing on your new cabinetry would normally cost an extra 15 percent to 20%.


Cabinetry made of beadboard, which is composed of rows vertical planks, with depressions or ridges known as "beads" between every blank, provides a more dynamic aspect as opposed to flat kitchen cabinets. The appearance of the beads adds texture to the style of door which is why it's perfect for a rustic farmhouse or cottage kitchen. All-white cabinets with beads may seem like the ideal finishing touch to your cottage kitchen. But, it's possible to form fissures or gaps in the cabinet which can be difficult to clean.


Medium-density Fiberboard is then molded into Thermofoil kitchen cabinets (MDF). The door is then sealed by using a plastic cover and baking it at high temperatures. The process creates kitchen cabinetry that is both long-lasting and cost-effective. Thermofoil cabinets which are typically mass-produced, only are offered in solid colors and are made to appear like wood. These cabinets are, however, reasonably priced. Although they are simple to maintain and clean Thermofoil kitchen cabinets are very low heat resistance. They shouldn't be placed close to a hot source, such as an oven. If you are, the laminate of the cover of the veneer could fall loose.


You will find the door style you're looking for in the stores, but not in bespoke cabinets. Ask a local craftsman or designer to create the perfect kitchen cabinet design.

With this list there is a chance to find the perfect kitchen cabinets to fit your home. Are you looking to replace more than just the drawers and cabinets in your kitchen? Go to Valor Home Services online to talk to one of our experts and make your kitchen upgrades stress-free!


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