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Salamanca Market

Jul 2

About Salamanca Market

The market was first held in 1972 with just 33 stalls, confined to a small area south of Wooby's Lane. In the 50 years since that first day, it has expanded and now covers almost 300 stalls on both sides - Davey Street ( 1994) And Salamanca Place( 1997). Today this famous place can be found right across town from where you live or work!

Salamanca Market is a Saturday morning staple in the lives of many people, with more than 230 stallholders representing artisans and designers from all over Tasmania. The market features fresh produce by local growers as well hot coffee for those who want their caffeine fix before they start shopping at 10 am sharp! There are also delicious lunch options available if you're looking to take away or just grabbing something quick while out browsing amongst quality finds that will remind us what summer means here on this island*
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What to do in Salamanca Market

The Salamanca Market has been a staple of the cultural life in Hobart for 50 years. For those who love to browse and buy direct from artisans, this is where you'll find everything that's locally made - including produce straight off our farms!

This popular outing for locals and tourists alike features over 300 stalls with fresh fruit & vegetables; jewellery made on-site by artists who sell their work at both markets as well as retail stores across Launceston (and even internationally); clothing including knitwear such as sweaters or hats - perfect weather requires them!--furniture too! There are also plenty of places where you can pick up some reading material while enjoying coffee taken straight off.

It is, without doubt, Tasmania's most famous market - if not one of its top markets for quality produce at affordable prices you can find anywhere else around Australia or even overseas too!.

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One local company in Hobart that is involved in this tourist attraction

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