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The Top Characters From Children's Books

Aug 25

Books for children are memories in action. Their precious pages are handed down down the centuries, and families tell stories from them as their children's imaginations soar and their faces light up with possibilities.

Your favorite children's book is one you never forget. For instance, one of mine is Dogger by Shirley Hughes, which tells the tale of a little boy named Dave and his cherished plush toy.

The story of the lost and recovered spoke to me strongly even as a small child since I have always loved soft toys. All these years later, the narrative has stuck with me because I could identify with and experience every emotion Dave was experiencing.

Characters from children's books are highly smart devices. They provide life lessons through being relevant, entertaining, and imperfect. Some of our all-time favorites are listed here.



She is intelligent and scholarly, but she also has to be a little bit wicked occasionally.

The story of Matilda's revolt against the family she doesn't belong to and her search for love and happiness is simultaneously hilarious and heartbreaking. It seems sense that the novel has influenced a movie and a Grammy-winning musical.



Dorothy, who was famously depicted by Judy Garland in the classic movie adaptation of this timeless tale, is a timeless figure who exhibits a plethora of timeless feeling. She is a brilliant example of the value of extending a hand of friendship, even in the most unexpected of places. She is brave, resolute, loyal, and kind.


Ron Weasley 

Is there anyone out there who doesn't adore Ron Weasley? He's devoted, humorous, scatty, and dopey. Ron is a superbly rendered, realistic figure with his recognizable red hair, hole-ridden sweaters, and his charming wacky huge family.

He is courageous, like Harry, but his fears—anyone else afraid of spiders?—give him a recognizable humanity that makes him even more endearing. Ron, oh Ron.



This melancholy donkey, a fan favorite in both the original classic books and later Disney versions, is difficult to dislike. Despite his endearingly dejected appearance, Eeyore is a charming illustration of the importance of friendship. Sometimes he even attempts to be upbeat, saying, "It never hurts to keep seeking for sunlight."


Terri Beaker

Ten-year-old Tracy, who calls herself the "star of the Dumping Ground," is a wild youngster who lives in a children's home. She is a fantastic character who displays a depth of human feeling both as a child and an adult, as we witness in My Mum Tracy Beaker, the sequel written from the perspective of Tracy's daughter, Jess. She is outspoken yet empathetic.


Mr. Toad

Yes, he may be considered a "baddy," but he's also endearing and entertaining. Mr. Toad is a superbly illustrated children's book character with his passion for automobiles, dapper dress, and mischievous temperament. Despite his shortcomings, you can't help but want him to succeed and break out from jail since you can tell that he has a decent heart.