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Do and Don'ts With Quartz Countertops?

Dec 11


How durable are quartz countertops? Very. Really. It's amazing. Quartz countertops do require a little bit of care now and again. They will last for many years if you take care of them. There are some easy mistakes given by 7 Day Kitchen which you can avoid because they could ruin the beauty of your beautiful counters.


We all want our quartz to last generations. Here are some Dos and Don'ts for maintaining your quartz countertops.


Quartz is beautiful, and strong and requires less maintenance than marble and granite. You don't have to be afraid to live your whole life with quartz. Roll dough on it, serve it as your main dish and encourage your guests to share it with you with wine glasses.


Wipe it often: Quartz is stain-resistant, but it is not dirt or dust-proof. Use a damp cloth to wipe it or a sponge containing a little dish detergent. To make your counters shine, dry them with a microfiber towel.


Hint It's easy to spot hidden dried spills by bending down and looking at your counters from eye level. The spills will appear as bumps on the surface.


Register your purchase: This will activate your warranty. Even though quartz countertops are durable, accidents happen. You'll be happy you did.


Do not ignore spills, especially if they are wine, vinegar tea, juice, soda, or other liquids. These liquids can be either acidic or corrosive and they don't like any surface. Quartz is hard, but it can be difficult to test. Spills should be cleaned immediately with a damp dishcloth.


Quartz is one of the most durable countertop materials. It is made with man-made chemicals, which makes it a hard material. However, you should not use quartz as a cutting surface. The surface can be scratched by sharp knives. Protect your quartz slab's smooth shine by using a cutting board.


Do not heat counters directly: Quartz is heat-resistant and will not melt or burn even if it's placed on a hot plate or pot. It is a stone and extreme temperature changes can cause thermal expansion, cracking, or even melt it. A trivet with padded feet is the best choice if you have to heat something on your quartz countertops. The trivet will not scratch the quartz surface if it has pads.


Do not use permanent markers near quartz: While you are making dinner, it's tempting for the children to do school projects on the kitchen island. However, they shouldn't be allowed to use permanent markers or ink on naked quartz.


They can stick to surfaces and be difficult to remove without harsh chemicals. Water-based markers are acceptable for children. If the children are using Sharpies, it is best to protect and cover the countertop.


Quartz countertops offer beautiful, low-maintenance, and durable countertop options. Your kitchen will be easy to clean and you won't have to worry about it. These are the basics by 7 Day Kitchen to ensure a beautiful, worry-free kitchen for many years.