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How Do You Keep Quartz Countertops Looking New?

Dec 11


There were two main choices when it came to countertops for the bathroom and kitchen: one that was easy-to-maintenance and affordable and another that was elegant, classy, and beautiful. Aren't they glad things have changed?


Quartz countertops today are both stylish and functional. You won't have to compromise beauty for easy care with a variety of colors, including polished ebony and classic Carrara marble-look quartz. You would assume that a countertop as beautiful would need special care and dedication to upkeep. But, such luxurious looks can be deceiving. These low-maintenance countertops can be used in many different ways and are often more affordable than their natural-stone counterparts.


Quartz can be engineered to look like natural materials, including marble and granite. It also has the subtle swirling textures and veining of travertine. If you are looking for the perfect white countertop, then look no further. This is a quick-care guide 7 Day Kitchen to help you maintain your beautiful quartz countertop as it was when it was first installed.

Daily Cleaning

It doesn't matter if your countertop is in the kitchen or bathroom, it is important to understand how to maintain it clean. It's easy with quartz countertops. The quartz countertop has a non-porous surface that prevents liquids and stains from reaching the surface. Use a mild soap such as dishwashing detergent, along with a sponge or soft dishcloth. Rinse and wipe.

Special Cleaning

The non-porous surface quartz countertop is not ideal for cleaning large messes. Mild liquid dish soap is the best choice for cleaning these messes. Avoid using harsh chemicals as they can react with resins and cause etching. Avoid using abrasives, such as scrubbing cleaners. If the dirt is still stuck on, you can let it sit under a damp towel until it loosens. 

Scheduled Maintenance

It's easy to forget about maintenance for quartz countertops. Quartz countertops are not subject to sealing or waxing, unlike natural stone.

Avoid These

Quartz is a very durable material and the list of "don't” is quite short. This is important to remember. Avoid nail polish removers, paint removers, and silver polish. Also, avoid oil-based soaps, bleach, and any products containing trichloroethane. Permanent markers and ink are difficult to remove and can cause staining.

How To Protect Your Investment

The quartz countertop is strong enough to withstand most everyday life, but is not indestructible. It should be protected from heat sources like crock pots and deep fryers as well as electric pressure cookers.


Instead of placing hot pots or pans directly on the countertop surface, use hot pads or trivets. Instead of cutting the vegetables directly on the counter, use a cutting board.

Quartz countertops look beautiful, but they are among the most durable materials for home surfaces. This is the perfect match for those who value simplicity and ease of care. You can have your countertops for many years if you just follow these simple care tips by 7 Day Kitchen.